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Sigismondi Estate Wines have invested in implementing leading-edge technology to the vineyards and have had great success with three successfully producing solar farms located in South Australia supporting the industry. Sigismondi Estate Wines and Sigismondi Vineyards Pty Ltd proudly supports Solar Energy.

Sunlight provides solar energy. 

Solar energy is absorbed into the solar panels and converted into kilowatts and sent into the grid.

Solar energy is also used to operate electricity within the company.


100% effective. Providing solar power 24/7.

"Solar energy is something that all companies should be investing in. Running a company means thinking about the future, Sigismondi Estate Wines would like to leave an environmentally friendly footprint on this earth as we continue to grow and produce fine wines on a global scale to suit our clientele." - D. Sigismondi 


The Sigismondi family is recognised as one of the Riverlands first leading solar farm investors. 

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